Nebedaye Farms

In multiple urban gardens in Charlotte, and now on 11 acres in Indian Trail…

Bernard and his intrepid crew of culinary wizards, ecological botanists, and farmers Рare growing the finest quality moringa oleifera, also called Moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben oil tree.

A staple of Indian and southeast Asian cuisine – Moringa is truly one of the greatest nutritional powerhouses in the plant kingdom.

We are growing Moringa, and offering it to you…


All of the great work that we see now at Bennu Gardens and Bernard’s newest project Nebedaye Farms began with two garden beds in uptown Charlotte.

Over the years Bernard and his team have grown countless hundreds of pounds of food and taught hundreds of people about their connection to the Earth. The story continues with the moringa project, and whatever other great projects will come out of Bennu Gardens and Nebedaye Farms.

Our potential is limitless when we work together to achieve great things.